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North Carolina Injury and Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When you are injured, choosing a lawyer should be no accident. Mullen Law, P.A. is a law firm whose only commitment is to the injured client and his or her family. We do not represent big insurance companies and never have. We understand the impact the accident has had on your life. We at Mullen Law, P.A., take a “holistic” approach to your case. We understand that not only has your accident caused you to be injured and in pain, but it has also impacted almost every aspect of your life. From the pain you feel on a daily basis, to the frustration you may feel when you have to forfeit your lunch hour to undergo grueling physical therapy.  We understand the worries you may have about your child when he or she suffers an injury while at daycare or as a result of an automobile wreck. We know that because of the negligence of another you are forced to put the pieces back together and we are here to help.

We represent people who have been injured.  We do not charge an attorney fee unless you recover money from a settlement or a jury award.  We work hard for you to ensure your rights are not compromised and you are compensated adequately for your injuries.  Call us at (919) 647-9670, or if you need to speak with someone outside of business hours call (919) 971-7448.

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