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Workers’ Compensation

Were you hurt on the job in North Carolina, but your supervisor is refusing to file an accident report? Is your employer or adjuster forcing you back to work, but you’re still too injured to return? Do you have work restrictions or a disability impairment? Are you interested in knowing what your settlement options are?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions or have any other questions regarding your workers’ compensation injuries, you may need an attorney.

workers comp photoNorth Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation laws are supposed to help you and your family make ends meet while you’re recovering from your injury, regardless of who caused the injury.  North Carolina Workers Compensation provides benefits whether or not an employer or an employee is at fault.  In fact, in some cases, Workers Compensation benefits are paid when there is no “accident” at all. As an injured worker, you have rights. Trust Mullen Law, P.A. to protect those rights. Not sure what you are entitled to under the North Carolina workers compensation laws? If you were injured on the job, you may be entitled to many benefits that you may or may not already be receiving.

North Carolina Workers Compensation benefits are complex from start to finish. There are slip ups at every turn, and insurance companies know how to make the process seem even more confusing. You may be entitled to many benefits which the insurance company may not tell you about.  There is a way to keep the insurance companies from getting the best of you – hire an experienced North Carolina Workers’ Compensation lawyer like Mullen Law, P.A.. Don’t let the confusing technicalities keep you from getting the workers’ compensation benefits you’re entitled to receive. From the moment you choose our firm, we go to work for you .  You may worry about the cost of hiring an attorney – especially since you were injured on the job. The last thing you need is another bill. That’s why Mullen Law, P.A. works on a “contingent fee” policy. If you choose to hire Mullen Law, P.A., we pay upfront for all of the expenses and costs of handling your  workers’ compensation claim. We only get paid if you receive benefits. We will tell you upfront what our percentage will be so there are no surprises. The percentage we charge is set by law.

Get a free legal consultation today – No Strings Attached.  If you were hurt on the job, there’s no time to waste. Contact Mullen Law, P.A. today for a free, no obligation consultation. Call (919) 647-9670 or if you need to speak with someone outside of business hours call (919) 971-7448.

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A personal injury, medical malpractice and workers' compensation law practice committed to representing individuals who have been injured or lost a loved one as a result of negligence or who were injured or lost a loved one while working on the job. Mullen Law, P.A. takes a "holistic" approach to your case. We identify all of the your legal and individual or family needs, fight for your rights and ensure that you receive the highest quality legal and individualized attention in order to obtain the highest monetary outcome considering all aspects of your case.


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