Don’t Be a Victim of Insurance Adjuster Bullying Tactics!

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You’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault. You didn’t break any bones but you’re in pain and the pain isn’t going away. You’ve been to the hospital; you’ve been examined by your family physician and you’ve just had your last physical therapy appointment.  It has been four weeks since the accident and you receive a call from the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster similar to this:

Insurance Adjuster: Hello Mr. Doe, how are you doing today?
Accident Victim: Oh, I guess I am okay, but still in pain.
Insurance Adjuster: Are you in treatment?
Accident Victim: I just had my last physical therapy appointment yesterday, but I am still in pain.
Insurance Adjuster: Great, would you like to settle your claim?
Accident Victim: I am not sure.
Insurance Adjuster:  Okay, we will pay you $500.00 and pay “all” of your medical expenses. I will send you the paperwork and once you sign it you will receive a check.
Accident Victim:  Well, I am not sure.  
Insurance Adjuster:  Well if you are not going to settle now, I will have to close my file.
Accident Victim: Maybe I should talk to a lawyer.
Insurance Adjuster: Well, once you get a lawyer, I can’t help you anymore.  

Don’t let insurance adjusters bully you into settling your claim.

Insurance adjusters have a monetary incentive to close out claims as quickly as possible.  Even though their job is to pay claims, adjusters are employed by and work for insurance companies who want them to pay out as little as possible. The insurance adjuster is looking out for the insurance company‘s best interests, not yours.

There are multiple reasons why you should never agree to any of the terms outlined above, especially if you are still in pain or receiving treatment.   What the insurance adjuster doesn’t mention to you is that in the state of North Carolina you typically have three years from the date of the accident to either settle your claim or file a lawsuit.  Ultimately there is no urgency to settle your claim. 

If the insurance adjuster wants to close their file, they are welcome to do that. When you are ready to discuss your settlement, providing it is within the 3 years, the insurance adjuster simply has to reopen their file. While it is true that once you hire a personal injury attorney, the adjuster can no longer speak with you directly that also doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to settle your claim in the future. 

Rather than wasting your time talking with an insurance adjuster whose primary concern is how to keep their job by saving the insurance company money, call a personal injury attorney Speaking with a personal injury attorney ensures you know have someone looking out for your best interests and who can guide you to maximizing your settlement. Although you have three years to settle your claim or file a lawsuit, you should not wait to speak with a personal injury attorney.   

Attorney Eileen Mullen is available to speak with anyone who calls about their injury case and give you honest and straightforward information about the claim process. Consultations are offered free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to hire Mullen Law, P.A. If you have been injured in an accident speaking with a personal injury attorney will benefit you when you are ready to move forward with your claim. Insurance companies have experienced and knowledgable adjusters working for them, shouldn’t you have an experienced lawyer working for you?

Are You Unsure if You Should Accept an Insurance Settlement or File a Lawsuit?

Mullen Law, P.A. offers free, no-risk consultations to meet with you and review your case. We’ll advise you of the next steps to take in filing and processing your injury claim. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis which means we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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