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 by Robert Taylor

I was injured in an accident that was not my fault. Workmen's comp denied my claim. Ms Mullen was extremely successful in obtaining a generous settlement in this case. She and Laurie were there for every step answering all my questions and did this in a very prompt manner. Can't say enough about how great an attorney she is. I recommend her to anyone with an accident claim. Thank you to her and Laurie.

 by Brian Barbour
When life gives you lemons

Sometimes in life things happen which we have no control over. I was almost 32 years old when my life was turned upside down. I had been in my career since I was 17 years old and spent nearly 15 years building a career in my trade. I was happily married with 3 kids; two girls, 9 and 7 and 4 years old son. Life was great. That was until my injury when a porch collapsed and I fell 11 feet onto a concrete floor. I thought I would get the medical help I needed and would return to work as soon as possible. That was not the case.

I was not sure what to do or where to turn when. After several weeks I still wasn't better and could not return to work. All my employer was concerned with was when I could return to work or when the doctor said I could. What about some compassion and or asking me how I was doing? No, "take the time you need to get well, to return to work". Maybe in a perfect world but that's not the world we live in. Employers are sometimes more worried about their bottom line instead of the employees that help create that bottom line.

So that is when I knew I needed help to fight my fight for my health, my rights and most importantly my family's well being. That is when I turned to Eileen Mullen for the help I needed. It wasn't my 1st choice. I called another law firm first that was advertised on TV but to my surprise after I called two weeks passed and I still had no return call. So I took that as a sign, and I contacted Eileen and within in the same day I received a call back from her and scheduled a meeting to discuss my case.

Eileen fought my battle for 5 years while I dealt with my injury. She fought the battle that I couldn't fight alone. All I was concerned about was healing and making sure my family didn't have to worry for anything. Although I'm sure they worried for me, as I worried for myself. I didn't know if I would ever be the same after my injury and be able to have the quality of life I once had before my Injury.

With 3 young kids, life doesn't stop and it didn't. My girls played softball and my son played baseball so life had to keep going. Why should there lives be affected because I hit a speed bump. It was a long 5 years of dealing with back issues and foot injury, ankle and knee. Life didn't stop and neither could I or would I as a parent. As fathers we have to be strong for our family to provide and protect them, but when your injured and you are on one scary roller coaster ride. It's full of ups and downs and not knowing what's coming around the next curve. It's taxing on the mind and body but with Eileen by my side every step of the way it was that much easier.

It was a blessing to have Eileen fight for what I couldn't fight for. She made sure I got my maximum benefits to take care of myself and my family, but most importantly she made sure I got the medical attention I needed and deserved for years of my recovery from my injury. She didn't treat me like just another case, she treated me like her family because that is what you become when you hire her. Her professionalism is superb. She is compassionate about her job and the people she is doing the job for as well. I could tell she just doesn't do it because it is her job, she does it because she cares for what's right when others don't care.

Whether it's your employer or a doctor's that isn't fighting for you or what's right, don't worry because Eileen Mullen will fight for what's right for you, as well as your family. Eileen not only fought for my injuries and recovery for 5 years, she made sure I received the compensation and fought for my future beyond my injury and recovery so that I was able to start a new life and career. It has been over 10 years and my wife and have I started our own company to make sure we could continue on this journey of life. I now consider Eileen a friend for life. Without her I don't know where I or my family would be or where the journey would leed. Due to Eileen's help I am comfortable where we are headed and the new journey in life we are headed on! Thanks Eileen, from the bottom of our hearts.

 by Walter j hughes
My case

I can't say enough about Mullen law. I have a comp case and Eileen and Laurie did a fantastic job for me. Very professional, answered all my questions. Eileen was there for me, making sure I was treated fairly. I would recommend Mullen law to anyone. Walter j hughes

 by Sheila M Temple
Team Temple

This is probably the most heart felt testimonial I will ever post.Eileen Mullen is no longer considered our lawyer. We consider her family. I was not injured personally my husband was in a work accident. I personally am in a medical profession so when he was injured I simply assumed he would seek help medically and return to work.Life would resume as scheduled. I had no idea the change that would take place in our lives from that point. Life is not always what we plan it to be. We never considered at the age of 36 and 38 that my husband may never be able to return to work.No one gives you the rule book when things like this happen. I was given Eileen's name by a family member that I was seeking advice from. He stated that she came highly recommended and that I should meet with her. I A agreed to see what she thought of our situation that both of us were in complete denial over.No one wants to accept they will never be what they intend for themselves to be.I had no intention of actually thinking her service would be needed because my husband was going to get back to work as soon as possible. I would love to tell you that that was true.I had no idea how much I would need her. Unfortunately he was not able to return and may never be able to have that opportunity like he would like again.Eileen Mullen was with us through every step of our battle. I use the term battle because in a situation such as ours I never knew what was going to be thrown at me nor was I prepared to deal with it.She was my rock through this ordeal. She was also my reality when I did not want to believe the truth in our new situation.Life had to go on for our family. We still had responsibilities and we're uncertain where our future was going to go from this point forward.I relied on Eileen to give me the assurance that my family would be taken care of .She gave us so much more than that. She gave me some hope back that I lost during this time.If I ever needed her she was there with the answers I needed and also lots of tissue for the moments I was falling apart. She helped pull the brokenness in our family together so that we could learn to continue to fight to make us whole again. We will be forever grateful for the countless hours she and her team worked to fight for the best outcome for our family. She has awesome team members that help her when she needs support too.We love them all because when your with Eileen your her family.Thank you for all you do for people who don't have the rule book.

 by Tina
If you have been hurt at work, You need a lawyer!

In 2011 I was hurt on the job. With a career in Law Enforcement for 7 years, I almost didn't make the call to even see about an attorney. My employer would take care of me, right? WRONG! Not only did they not take care of me, they fired me. If you have been hurt, don't wait, contact Eileen Mullen. She did everything she could to get the best settlement possible. Your employer has lawyers to protect them and their best interest and so should you! Had I not retained Eileen, my child and I would have been left with nothing and out on the street. Thankfully we are doing fine and I'm back on track with my career! No matter how big or small your injury is, call Eileen Mullen to protect your rights and fight for you! Trust me you need a Lawyer!

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